You're in it for life. And then some ...
Term life insurance. It's the right way to protect your family's financial future.

Who qualifies for life insurance?

Most people qualify for life insurance, but the amount you can get and the rates you’ll pay really depend on the state of your health and the kind of life you live. For example, if you have diabetes and it’s kept under control you should be able to get some high level life insurance quotes rather easily. If, on the other hand, you don’t take good care of yourself and your diabetes is not under control you may not qualify for the same life insurance rates.

How do I get a life insurance quote?

Getting life insurance quotes is easy. Regardless whether you’re gathering term or whole life insurance quotes, you simply have to ask. Speak with an agent and he or she can help you figure out which type of life insurance will satisfy your needs. The majority of life insurance companies provide insurance quotes online as well.

Should I get term life insurance or universal life insurance?

To get a more complete overview of the available options it can be helpful to get term life insurance quotes as well as whole and universal life insurance quotes for comparison.

The first things to consider are how much you can afford to spend and whether you just want guaranteed death benefits or would also like investment options. Because term life insurance quotes show lower insurance rates than whole or universal life insurance quotes, this is the best choice if price is your primary consideration. Keep in mind that the best way to find “cheap” life insurance is to maintain good health. Go with universal or whole life insurance if you can spend more and want to use it as an investment.

How can I save money on life insurance?

Life insurance premiums are impacted by your age, health and lifestyle, so the older and less healthy you are, the more you will pay for life insurance. While you can’t improve on your age, there are steps you can take to improve your health and this can earn you a lower life insurance premium. If you smoke—quit. A lot of life insurance companies give discounts for wellness efforts such as improved nutrition and exercise efforts. You may not be able to find “cheap” life insurance, but there are definitely steps you can take to get better life insurance rates.

Should I do anything to prepare for my life insurance medical examination?

To get the best results from your life insurance exam it’s most important that you be well rested and relaxed so your blood pressure isn’t elevated. Be sure to get a good night’s sleep and make sure you stay hydrated. Avoid alcohol the night before. Drinking coffee and smoking can cause your blood pressure to rise, so avoid both before your exam. It’s also a good idea to bring a list of all the medications you currently take.

Can’t I just say I don’t smoke when getting life insurance quotes?

If you die from a smoking-related illness, it will be evident and your life insurance policy will not pay out. The best advice for smokers who want to save money on life insurance is to just quit smoking. That way you not only pay less for life insurance, but you improve the quality of your life as well.